Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a Healthy Michigan Dental Network provider?

Email our Provider Relations Team to request an enrollment kit at, or simply fill out our contact form.

Are network providers required to participate in all fee schedules offered by Healthy Michigan Dental?

Yes. Healthy Michigan Dental administers Healthy Michigan Plan and Pregnant Women Dental benefits in partnership with Blue Cross Complete, Harbor Health Plan and Total Health Care. The fee schedule may vary by health plan. Please contact our Provider Relations Team at for more information.

Why should I register for the Provider Web Portal?

Our Provider Web Portal enables dentists and office staff to quickly and easily:

  • Verify member eligibility and benefits

  • Ability to print a confirmation for your records

  • Access newsletters and announcements

  • Download the Provider Manual and other documents

You can register for the Provider Web Portal as soon as the contracting and credentialing process is complete.

How can I confirm member eligibility?

The most convenient way to verify a member’s eligibility is through our Provider Web Portal. You may also contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-875-2400 for eligibility questions. Please note that Healthy Michigan Plan member eligibility can change frequently. It is important to check eligibility on the date of service and prior to providing treatment . Services provided to an ineligible member are not reimbursable by Healthy Michigan Dental and cannot be billed to the member.

How do I submit claims and prior authorizations to Healthy Michigan Dental?

Claims may be submitted:

  • Through an electronic clearinghouse

  • By mailing to:

      Healthy Michigan Dental
      c/o Carriers TPA, L.L.C
      P.O. Box 2819
      Detroit, MI 48202-3231 
  • By fax to: 313-875-2401
  • Through the free provider portal offered by Healthy Michigan Dental’s clearinghouse vendor, Smart Data Solutions. To learn more, contact Smart Data Solutions directly at 1-855-297-4436 or contact Healthy Michigan Dental Provider Relations Team at

Prior Authorizations may be submitted:

  • By mailing to:

      Healthy Michigan Dental
      Attn: Prior Authorization Department
      P.O. Box 2819
      Detroit, MI 48202-3231

Does Healthy Michigan Dental offer payment through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

Yes. Healthy Michigan Dental encourages providers to take advantage of EFT. The benefits of EFT include secure, prompt access to funds and the elimination of risks associated with lost or stolen checks. Network providers can register for EFT in a matter of minutes through our Provider Web Portal.

Where can I find Healthy Michigan Dental’s Provider Manual?

You can find the Provider Manual under the “Documents” tab in the Provider Web Portal. This is also where you will find newsletters, regularly used forms, and other important documents.

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