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What is Healthy Michigan Dental?

Healthy Michigan Dental provides dental services for Healthy Michigan Plan members enrolled through a qualified health plan.

What is the Healthy Michigan Plan?

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a Michigan Medicaid Expansion program that provides health care coverage for adults ages 19-64 who earn between 100-133% of poverty level.

Where can I find more information about the Healthy Michigan plan?

Additional information about the Healthy Michigan Plan may be found by visiting the State of Michigan website at:

How can I check the status of my coverage?

You can check the status of your coverage by calling Healthy Michigan Dental customer service at (800) 875-2400. Your dental office can also call to verify your eligibility.

How is my dental coverage determined?

Healthy Michigan Plan member’s dental coverage is determined by the medical coverage they have chosen.

Why was my coverage terminated?

Customer Service Representatives are not able to determine reasons for termination of coverage. You must contact your DHS case worker, or a representative at the Healthy Michigan Plan for that information. To contact the state of Michigan, call 1-855-789-5610.

How do I make sure a dentist is in network?

You can make sure a dentist is in network by calling Healthy Michigan Dental customer service or by using the Find a Dentist locator on the website.

Can I see an out of network dentist?

Members have the option to choose an out of network provider but they must pay out of pocket.

Can I go to a dentist out of state?

As a Michigan based plan, out of state dental visits are not a covered benefit.

How do I find out what procedures are covered under my dental plan?

Please call Healthy Michigan Dental customer service to verify procedures that are covered under your dental plan. All Healthy Michigan Dental providers are aware of plan coverage and limitations.

Will I be charged a copayment at my dental office?

Members enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan do not have a co-payment for services that are covered under the plan.

Can I pay out of pocket and receive reimbursement?

Members have the option to pay out of pocket, but they will NOT be reimbursed.

Are cosmetic procedures covered under the Healthy Michigan plan?

Cosmetic procedures are not covered under the plan. Cosmetic procedures include braces, teeth whitening, implants, etc.

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